About Us

The Malta Tenpin Bowling Association was founded in 1975 and operates as a non-profit association dedicated to promoting the sport of sanctioned bowling in Malta and assisting leagues in providing an enjoyable experience for their members. Whether it is a sanctioned league or tournament, the word sanctioned would have little meaning if it were not backed by the realistic enforcement procedures to protect the integrity of rules and standards.

The organization of leagues is usually taken for granted and the story behind Tenpin Bowling and the MTBA is most of the time overlooked. One needs only to read the contents of the MTBA Constitution to find the answer that Tenpin bowling is one of the most democratic and fairest sports in Malta today.

The Board of Directors of the MTBA is headed by the President Mr. Paul Baldacchino since 2013.  

The MTBA is a member of World Bowling and the European Tenpin Bowling Federation (ETBF).  The Association is registered with the M.O.C. and Sport Malta.

Today the association has almost 300 members with different teams competing in all Divisions. National Leagues are formed from three divisions, mainly I DIV, II DIV and III DIV.




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